Angel of Siberia

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Leara Potpourri

Color: Seal Lynx Point

Description: Leara was born into our cattery. She has a rich seal (brown) color and bright blue eyes. She likes to cuddle and play. She is more of an active cat, not a lap cat. She likes different activities, all of which include interactive toys. She always craves attention. She is sisters with Palmira.

We had her mother Caramel arrive from Angelur Cattery in Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation and her father Oskar arrived from the Angel Neva Cattery in Kazan, Russian Federation. Oskar is our Champion, and The Best Cat of the Year of 2016 in Northwest US. Oskar is the first male we purchased to start our breeding program. Leara has 33 champions in her pedigree/bloodline. She is registered with TICA.

All documents and test results are available upon request.