Angel of Siberia

Traditional Forest Siberian Queens

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Saffron

Color: Black Tortie with White

Description: Saffron is our first calico girl. She traveled 85,000 miles to join us at Angel of Siberia Cattery, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her into our home. She has an amazing coat, with a novel coloring of white, black, and golden shading. It took us years to find the right breeder and right color that we desired, and we are so glad we waited for this perfection of a cat.

Saffron has an amazing personality. She’s affectionate, cuddly, yet energetic all at the same time. Her curiosity is entertaining, and we are so in love with her. She gives kisses nonstop and likes to sleep on our beds at night.

Red Saffron is registered with TICA. All documents and test results are available upon request. FelV/FiV negative.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Fantasy Life​

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Description: Fantasy Life is our Black golden Shaded female. She is Caramel’s daughter. She is a very friendly and cuddly. It is difficult to take pictures of her standing. Sha falls on the floor as soon as she sees people and she asks for petting and cuddle time. She follows me around with a loud meow if I ignore her. She has beautiful green eyes. 

Fantasy Life has 34 champions in her blood line. Fantasy Life is registered with TICA. All documents and test results are available upon request.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Delta

Color: Black Marble Tabby

Description: Delta is our black marble tabby with white mittens, and she was born into our cattery from Amber and Thunder. She is very energetic and curious, but absolutely loves interacting with her fellow human friends. 

Delta adores playing with teaser toys, as well as entertaining herself with her chewy toys. Her coloring and markings are exquisite, marble. Delta’s playful and loving personality will definitely be a trait of her own kittens.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Onyx

Color: Black Smoke Torbie

Description: Onyx is our only Black Smoke Torbie, and she was born into our cattery from Aisha and Thunder. She is very curious and she loves hanging out with human friends. 

She has an adventurous spirit and loves to explore. She wears her color well and she acts like she knows she has a unique coat color.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Anfisa

Color: Black Tortie With White

Anfisa is our new Black Tortie female. She has arrived to our cattery in the Fall of 2020 and we are so excited to introduce her to the rest of the cattery. She was bred with Izyum and had a litter of beautiful babies. One of them was a calico girl. Anfisa is very gentle girl, a great mom and a great companion.

Anfisa is registered with TICA. All documents and test results are available upon request.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Azula

Color: Red tabby

Description: Azula is an endearing, attentive sweetheart who loves to rub against us for snuggles. She is vocal and loves to chirp/chat with us. She always makes sure to greet us and say hello and loves to be the center of attention. 

Azula has a kind and gentle soul, with the most captivating eyes. Every day, Azula greets us with a gentle rub against our legs, eagerly awaiting the moment when we can shower her with attention and affection. Her eyes sparkle with joy as she waits for cuddles, her tail swishing playfully in anticipation. She has an uncanny ability to sense when we need a little extra love, always there to offer a comforting paw or a soft purr.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Feather

Color: black golden shaded

Feather is our golden girl, with a coat of beautiful honey. Her eyes are a charmingly green color, and so captivating. Feather is so friendly towards everyone and loves to give or receive affection. But it’s not just us that Feather loves so deeply.

She is an exceptional mother to her kittens, showering them with tender care and devotion. Watching her snuggle and nurse her little ones showcases her nurturing and selfless nature, as she gives her all to ensure their well-being.

Angel Of Siberia

Queen: Savannah

Color: Brown torbie

Savannah’s stunning appearance is a testament to her unique beauty. Her brown torbie coat is adorned with mesmerizing red highlights, creating a tapestry of colors that is both striking and captivating. It’s as if she carries a piece of autumn’s warmth with her wherever she goes.

But it’s Savannah’s eyes that truly steal the show. Like emeralds sparkling in the sunlight, her green eyes radiate kindness and compassion. They are windows to her soul, revealing her genuine and gentle nature. When Savannah gazes at you, it feels as though she sees straight into your heart, understanding your joys and sorrows without judgment. Savannah is nothing short of pure sweetness, with her naturally kindhearted personality. What truly sets Savannah apart is her sincere heart. Her love is genuine and unwavering. 

Our Future Queens

Our cats are registered, also we passed PawPeds Academy course G1!