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Neva Masquerade Colors

The fur of Neva Masquerade cats is noteworthy. Like the Traditional cat, Neva Masquerade fur does not cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. If your family has a person with an allergy to fur but really wants to have a pet, we recommend you to pay attention to Neva Masquerade cats. Like the Traditional cat, the fur of these fancy cats is repellent, smooth and does not require special care. It never slips and does not form tangles.

Neva Masquerade cats can be friends not only with people, but also with other animals. They have been known to make friends with dogs and other cats. Males usually help in rearing kittens. The male and female rear the kittens together as a family. 


color types

NEVA MASQUERADE (Color Point Siberian Cat. All color pointed cats have blue eyes.) There are few colors that fall into this category:

Seal Lynx Point
Ferrari- Seal Lynx Point With White
- the points are dark brown in color with stripes and the body is cream and can have white
Seal Point
- the points are dark brown/almost black in color and the body is cream and can have white
Seal Golden Shaded Point
- the points are beige/ yellow in color with stripes, and the body is white with an apricot shade
Blue Lynx Point
- the points are pale bluish/gray in color with stripes, and the body is off white, very light color, can have white
Blue Point
Dreams - Blue Point
- the points are bluish/gray in color, and the body is cream/light gray and can have white
Blue Cream Torbie Point
- the points are blue with cream patches and the body is white or light gray and can have white
Cream Point
Caesar - cream point
- the points are cream/peach in color and the body is white and can have white

Our cats are registered, also we passed PawPeds Academy course G1!