Angel of Siberia

Guide: About Siberian Cats

General Description

The majestic Siberian is a strong, powerfully built cat with strong hindquarters helping them jump exceptionally high. They are a slow-maturing breed, reaching full magnificence at about 3 to 5 years of age. Siberians are large cats with a substantial rounded body reminiscent of a barrel and heavily boned legs to support the substantial body structure. But for all their powerful strength, balance and excellent physical condition, these are gentle cats that enjoy playing and clowning around with their families.

The Siberian cat’s body is strong, solid and snappy. The power will be reflected throughout the cat’s appearance, and overall shape to the tail with a moderately low rectangle, with emphasis on the middle part. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs giving them the powerful lift they need to get to those high places they just have to reach! The neck and back are broad and muscular, medium length legs with round paws, between the toes well tassels. The Siberian eyes are almond shaped, oblique and medium sized, giving the cat a Mongolian look. Their eyes vary in color from gold to green and all shades in between. If the cat is startled the eyes will widen into an almost round shape. The gender difference is clear: the female weighs about 3.5 to 4.5 kg and the male about 5 to 8 kg. The Siberian presents a powerful and striking first impression.



Acrobatic by Nature..

Siberians use their incredible intelligence to solve all kinds of problems-like determining to how to open a door to be with the owners they adore, how to get to the cat food for an extra meal, or how to recover that favorite toy their owner thinks they have so cleverly hidden out of reach!

Acrobatic by nature, the Siberian’s are powerful agile cats that can leap great distances and heights, sometimes appearing to fly through the air, but despite their size, they are adept at negotiating obstacles in their path without knocking them over. At the same time, they love to play and will entertain you with their clown-like antics. They adore their human families and their visitors with children holding a warm spot in their hearts. The Siberian is a very attentive cat with amazing loyalty and a warm personality.

The Siberian loves to fetch their favorite toy. The Siberian is easily trained too. Not much disturbs their natural calm and demeanor. They have a wonderful depth to their purr and talk to you with a chirping and trill sound, particularly when they are ready for dinner or coming to greet you when you have been away.


Siberian cats have a fabulous fur coat.

While considered a semi-longhair, the Siberian’s coat varies with the season. In the winter, it will have a thick, rich, full, triple coat that would have protected it from the elements in its native Russia. In the summer, they shed the heavy winter coat for a shorter, less dense coat. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with deep intense colors and rich patterns that make them a dramatic stand out from the everyday cat.

Siberian cats are very easy to interpret: it is expressive, and seeks contact with the look. It expresses all his/her feelings in a transparent and comprehensible manner: kisses, gentle nibble, head-butts, arms and feet stretching to touch and show affection for winking at the Siberian cat owner’s daily life. A Siberian cat reacts to the movements of the mind sensitive to its owner. Siberian’s are the most inquisitive and intelligent cats. Albert Einstein would have been astonished with the Siberian’s inventive actions and personality.


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