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Siberian Kittens

Traditional Siberian Colors

The Siberian is a breed of cats that was formed naturally several hundreds of years ago in Siberia. It made its way to America in the 1990s, it is recognized by the World Federation of Cats in 1992 , by the FIFE in 1997 and by TICA(according to its own standards) in 1998.

The Siberian cat is known for its robustness. With a playful attitude and friendly temperament, it is the perfect family cat. It has the reputation of being “dog-cat”. It soon gets to know the routine of the house and will be more than happy to let you know if the routine has changed! It is loyal and affectionate.

It reaches full maturity around the age of 5 years. Females weigh up to 12 lb, males up to 16 lb.

Saffron - Black Torbie

color types

TRADITIONAL SIBERIAN – There are few colors that fall into this category:

Brown Classic Tabby
Delta - Brown Tabby 4
Brown Siberian cats have stripes with light brown roots, there is the 'M' pattern on the forehead, color may go from deep brown to almost golden, can be with white.
Blue Classic Tabby
blue tabby
Blue Siberian cats have gray stripes with gray roots. Blue tabbies have a "patina" which is a little like a cream/tan undercoat, and can be with white.
Red Classic Tabby
red tabby
Red Siberian cats should have less markings in their fur, as is typical for red tabbies. They come in brilliant red colors, and that color should appear the same in every part of their coats. Their paw pads and noses should appear a brick red color. Can be with white.
Cream Tabby
cream tabby
From a distance, this cat appears almost entirely a muted cream color. Upon closer inspection, you will see many shades of cream, white, and fawn mixed together in a fleck, dotted, or tabby pattern. Even the chin, and ear tufts, are cream-colored. The underside of the feet and nose are both pink. Can be white.
Golden Shaded
This Siberian cat has a cream-colored undercoat with black shading running down the face, body, and tail. The belly, chest, chin, and under the tail are cream. The legs and face are the same color. They have black trim around their lips, nose, and eyes. Their noses are rose red, and their toe pads are black.
Black Golden Shaded
black golden shaded
Undercoat rich warm cream with a mantle of black tipping shading down from the sides, face, and tail from dark orange to bright apricot. Markings may range from rich brown to black, affording a good contrast with ground color, and vary in intensity as the cat matures. Nose leather is rose, with or without darker outlining. Paw pads are always black.
The coat on this Siberian cat is white on the undercoat, and the tail, back, head, and flanks are usually tipped in black with red and cream patches. Sometimes the legs or face have slight shading. The ear tuft hairs, belly, chest, and chin are usually white or very slightly colored. A flare of red or cream on the face is considered attractive.
These beautiful Siberian cats are red and black with a white undercoat. The lower parts of the cat (belly, legs, feet) are all pure white. Some of them have a triangular patch on their face that is quite lovely.
Solid Black
Black color evenly distributed throughout the body can get a brownish shade if it stays in the sun. Faint markings may appear in certain lights, even on a solid black cat.
Black Torbie
Onyx - Black Torbie 3
Cats may have predominantly black or dark brown fur with patches or stripes of orange, cream, or red.
Brown Torbie
Savannah- Brown torbie
Cat may have any shade from dark brown to light beige with patches of stripes of orange, cream or red.

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