Angel of Siberia

Update from new owner on life after the Cattery:
“She has been AMAZING! She’s never hidden from the dogs, just kept her distance. She’s warned them a couple of times and now she will play next to them. we’ve never allowed them to chase her though. They’ve touched noses and taken naps near each other. She is bold and assertive. Perfect pick for our home! Glad we listened to you.

All doing great on day 5! she is a fantastic addition to our family. She is a perfect match. Look at her sleeping like a baby in my son’s lap… then she’ll play like a wild cat. She is sleeping with our son every night.
all it is to say she is a perfect match for our family thanks!

She’s got an amazing personality. She visited our son’s class for show and tell… Not even 17 second graders intimidated her. She purred the whole time!”