Angel of Siberia

Hi Angela,

I’m reaching out again because I am totally enjoying Sebastian and thinking it might be good for him to have a companion. He is very affectionate and dog-like – follows me everywhere, plays fetch with a yarn ball, and purrs easily. He is also not very big (so far – just 8 pounds at 13 months old), and he never cries when I take him in the car (in his carrying case). He is playful, but not wild and crazy – a very considerate, gentle, and thoughtful cat.

If I got another cat, I would love another Seal Point, but am open to other colors. Temperament is most important to me. It would be great to get another kitten who is a similar personality. I see you have a litter from March 15th which is encouraging, but don’t know if all of them are taken. Can you let me know? Do you have a recommendation for me? I am open to getting one now – or waiting.

Thank you.