Angel of Siberia

Update from new owner on life after the Cattery:
Twyla Canada
ROKKO, SIBERIAN KITTEN – My daughter who is almost 5 has wanted a cat her “whole life” but her dad and brother have allergies to most animals … After doing some homework I came across the Siberian breed and after talking with Angela …who by the way was extremely helpful in answering all our questions … I knew this was the cat our family

At first we were looking for a cat that was hypoallergenic and we got so much more … Like I said both my husband and son have allergies to most animals and both have had no allergy symptoms since bringing him home !!

From the moment we brought him home he has been extremely lovable and tolerant with both our kids who are 5 and 6 … He plays with them cuddles with them and doesn’t shy away from them or new people who come over ! At no point did we ever see ourselves as cat people  … But after these few weeks he has definitely changed our minds ; )

He is definitely a part of the family !!

“Thank you Angela for giving me a kitten that doesn’t make my daddy sneeze ! He cuddles with me and plays fetch with his toys and loves feathers”
– From Brooklyn ( age 5 )

Everyone thats come to visit and even our vet thinks he’s amazing and such a great temperament and that we got such a great cat for our first cat experience.

So, thank you so much again for everything!!
We honestly couldn’t be happier.