Angel of Siberia

Avon Blue

Just wanted to give you an update on where things are at with Avon. Things are going great! He is so affectionate and well behaved – and we have been having so much fun with him and he’s a perfect fit for our household. We have decided to name him Blue.


We already have two Siberian cats we have purchased from Angel’s of Siberia. We absolutely love our cats! We especially love the social characteristics of our male cat who was off-spring of Oskar and Lady Sasha. We named him Koshka and he is 4 years old now and our female cat is named Zima and […]

Little Angel

Just wanted to send you some pics of our beautiful Angel! She’s a dream come true! Thank you more than words can express!


We love him bunches and everyone who meets him loves him too. Best cat ever! 😻


I just wanted to check up and see if you saw the reservation deposit we put down for a kitten from one of your new litters? We bought Echo from you last year and couldn’t possibly imagine a better cat! We’re still obsessed with him! We would love to add a little brother or sister […]


Hello Angela, I adopted Bartlett from your place about a year ago, and I just would like to share his current status and some recent photos with you. He is definitely the sweetest and best cat I have ever met. I can’t tell how much joy he had brought to me and how much he […]


Hi Angela, Delta has settled in really well. She spent much of yesterday finding little places to hide, but today she has been showing a bit more of her personality. I have attached a couple of pictures. Day 1 checking things out, but by day two lying on the chair next to me while I […]


This is Mia, and she is my pride and joy! I never knew how in love I could be with an animal. She is a little cuddle bug and follows me everywhere I go, its adorable. Shes quite talkative and has the sassiest personality, i cannot handle how perfect she is. Thank you, without you […]


Her name is Tutu. She’s used to her new home now, and she’s so playful and friendly. I would love to share some photos with you.

Now 2 y olds. Will be joined by one more male soon.

I have in the past gotten two adorable kittens from you :). We want our family to grow. Given that, I’m inquiring about getting a new kitten from Fortune and Oskar’s litter (though I would take one from any litter if it was earlier, looks like you’re booked up until then). My preference is male, […]


Wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know that Olaf has settled in really well with the family. He’s such a sweet, even tempered boy and you can tell you did a lot of work with making sure he was well socialized. Attached are a couple of pics of him with the […]

Bars & Shepsy

“Bars and Shepsy have been part of my family for two years now, and they are just great. They are playful, good natured, and smart. And they love to be a part of whatever is going on in the house: whether it is cooking, working online, or puzzle solving. “