Frequently asked questions below.

When do I find out when kittens are born?
– We will notify you within 24 hours of kittens being born.

When can we visit kittens?
– When kittens are 10-11 weeks old and received their first set of shots.

When is the kitten ready to leave the cattery?
– Kittens leave at 3 months old and after fixed and healed. It does not mean at 90 days old. It means anytime before they turn 4 m old. Usually, 14-15 weeks old. The kitten has to be emotionally and physically be ready to leave.

When can we schedule a pick up date?
– We will notify you the day your kitten was fixed and we can schedule a pick up appointment at that time.

What food and other supplies should we purchase?
– We have a list of items we use for our kittens. We do not insist on using the same items except we insist you stay with the same food and clumping clay litter. The list of supplies can be found on this page here.

What can happen if kitten’s food brand is changed?
– Kitten will have loose stool, will get dehydrated and will need medical attention. Vet bills add up.

Does the kitten come litter box trained?
– Yes, each kitten leaves the cattery litter box trained on clumping clay. You may need to reteach your kitten if you choose to switch to corn, walnut, pine pellets or breeze system.

Do I need to send a deposit to appear on the waiting list?
– Yes, we request a non refundable deposit of $400 + 3% paypal fee (paypal takes this percentage). The deposit will be deducted from the total amount.

Is there a health guarantee?
– Yes, we provide a health guarantee in case of loss of the kitten to a genetic disease HCM and PKD.

Why we do not take many pictures of the new born kittens?
– We do not take a ton of pictures because there is a risk of loosing a kitten at one weeks old. People who follow us are all devastated and do not understand mortality during neonate stage is a hard fact of life. Many questions to follow.