We decided to call him Henry. I was planning to reach out to you to tell you how much we adore him! Our sweet older cat seems to like him too and we could not happier.



Hey Angela,

Hope you are doing well. Here are a couple photos of Kiki over her first month at home



I’m so happy with her, Angela!
She’s doing great. She has been purring non stop!
I’m heading out now to get her wet food. My other cat is just sleeping away in the living room! She slept in a big kennel on my bed last night. She could see me and I wanted her to safe from Saski, although both have seen each other. Leara is kind of afraid of her but that is normal.
She is such a sweetheart ♥️..Saski and Leara touched each other’s noses today! She has been checking everything out and I think she is doing fabulous! You really should be PROUD of the kittens that you bring into the world! They are exceptional. She is incredible!



Things going well with Jon Snow. He is very sweet and affectionate, eating well, using his litter box no problem. We are allin love him!Thanks for getting our kitten off to such a good start! He is very brave and curious. I got him a water dish that has running water and he loves it. Was splashing around in a bit! Jazz is doing so well! He started interacting with the dogs at exactly the 1 week mark, and all is going well!!

Thank you! We are so enjoying are little furry guy! He’s so sweet and cuddly!



Mr. Marshmellow is doing amazing! Him and our dog Mya are best of buds. He’s so friendly and doing just great. We’ve decided on Marshmellow. Our girls call hiom Mr. Marshmellow.



Hi Angela,
Just want to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful kitten. Ash (now named Misty) has been a great addition. She’s super sweet, confident, affectionate, friendly, and loves to play. She traveled like a champ and everything went very smoothly in having her flown. Thanks for everything. All of your help was greatly appreciated.
Deena & Greg



Our kitty is so sweet and fun! We love her!She is wonderful…she let the boys pack her around almost immediately, and is doing great with the dogs too!I just had to let you know things were doing well, and she is precious, and my grandsons love her too!!! She is all I dreamed and more… so much fun! And Beautiful too! She purrs so loud and so much of the time! I just cant say enough good about her! Just took the pictures. She loces to jump up in my lap and sleep while I work on the computer!



We absolutely adore our kitten. Boris is doing fabulous! We can’t wait to celebrate his first birthday next month. What an awesome cat!

Princess Jasmine


Hi Angela, our little Princess Jasmine is 1 year old today and 12 pounds😻🐈🤗She is amazing loving Young Lady…of course her favorite position to sit is laying back😁🤣😻She is always exploring and finding ways to entertain herself and her brother😁🤗It was hard to take photos wearing her B-hat🤣We love her personality❤
I just wanted to thank you again fora wonderful kittens and job you are doing .
Sincerely,Tatiana and Scott.



Hi Angela!

We adopted Yoshi from you about a year ago. He’s a happy, well behaved, and loving cat. He is so fluffy but doesn’t make me experience allergy symptoms! It’s a miracle!

He sprawls out and falls asleep in the funniest positions and loves to look at the window when we travel. (He has a travel carrier but he actually just loves to sit by the window on long trips .) I thought it would be cute if we taught him to ride the robovac but unfortunately now i’m training him to leave it alone so it can vacuum. Whoops!

Thank you for letting us adopt him!

Boris with his friend


We absolutely adore our kitten. Here’s some pics of our adorable duo. Boris is doing amazing. We all love him. Especially his buddy, Hank the King Charles Spaniel. Sending fun pictures of them playing together this morning.

Luna from home


These are the photos of Luna. Thank you very much for her.
This is the adorable and loving cat. She is a great companion.

Sid and Cat wrestling


This is seriously an awesome cat. People want to take her home. We live in the pretty isolated neighborhood and the cat never is let loose. She goes in the gates and sealed off back yard to play but the one or two times she got out. She almost immedialtely went to the front door nad meowed endlessly. She has demonstrated complete attachment to our family and the two other dogs. Tah said I am vigilant anyway. She is quite large. I wonder how much larger she will get.



Hi Angela, I hope you and your beautiful cats have been doing well.

It’s been three months since Leo (Tracer) joined our home and he is truly so delightful. Our older cat loves him and they are such sweet brothers now. It makes me so happy to come home to these two, and it’s so lovely to watch Leo grow his sweet and playful personality. He loves to play (and eat) but also when you pet him he immediately becomes a purring love bug. I don’t know a single person who has met him who doesn’t fall in love immediately! Thank you very much again, I couldn’t be happier with this kitten that you helped raise wonderfully.