3 cats in the same family


We just wanted to give you updates on Princess Jasmine..she is doing great! she is active and happy..first night was rough as she was crying and it is understandable after being separated from her family.Today was much better..we love her.She is a cuddly and such a sweetheart 😍🤗 Thank you for raising wonderful loving and social kittens. she is gorgeous and her colors are so unique..between beige silvery to orange and brown..eyes have a lot of gold color..she is keeping her brother busy😁😻
We know is a hard work to raise and take care of kittens. I think you are doing an awesome job!
We will keep you posted from time to time🤗
Here are updates on Jasmine..She is 6 months now and weights 8.9 lbs as of today. She loves to play with water fountain…just splashing all over herself.
All kittens are doing great.



Boris is doing great. Puppy wants to cuddle so bad but we are letting Boris slowly warm up on his own until he is comfortable. He is doing so good and so sweet.Sending pictures of adorable pair.
Sweet kitty fell asleep on my daughter’s bed last night, then came in to our room to find me and cuddle up for the night! Ahhh, so perfect, you have raised amazing kittens!!!



We are delighted with our little one!I did not sleep cause I was so excited! And in the morning my daughter wept with joy when she met him! he is so well behaved, snuggly and not bothered by our active girls. You did an excellent job socializing him. He fits right in and we are so smitten. We are still working on the name. We need some compromising to do.

Mila Thor and Whiskey


Hi Angela!

I can’t get over these love bugs. They all love each other sooo much and Thor and whiskey are belly buds!!! Thank you sooo much for these amazing kitties we love them sooo much!!!



Hi Angela,

I am emailing you to thank you for letting me buy Pippin from you,
I would also like to say thank you for being so helpful, letting me come visit you, and answering all of my questions before and after I picked Pippin up.
He is the most wonderful little kitty — so friendly, curious, and loving — and he is growing into quite the handsome little guy (he’s got good genes!).

I have taken him to the vet on a couple of occasions now, for vaccines and check-ups, and his health record is excellent (with blood, urine and fecal samples all testing well).
He has also met a couple of my friends with cat allergies, and they haven’t had strong reactions to him (one didn’t have allergy symptoms at all, while the other said his allergies were much worse with other cats), which was an added bonus.

I have taken Pippin on a few little walks on a leash – it’s mostly Pippin deciding on direction, to give him some environmental stimulation.
And for Christmas, I brought him with me to my mother’s house, where we stayed over the break, and he was doused in love and compliments. I was a little nervous because I have heard cats don’t like new environments (?), but he did great and was behaving like his usual self (calm and curious, with little bursts of playful energy throughout the day). He also had a lot of little spaces to hang out or hide if he felt like it, but he was mostly curled up on the couch or near people — unless he was being engaged in some interactive play, or his favorite: hide-and-seek.

I have attached a few photos to this email, if you would like to see him now:



We bought a kitten just over a year ago from you and I was going to send you some pictures of Akuma:) He is so loved, he has such a wonderful personality and is so gorgeous. I am sending you pictures through the year:)
We are celebrating birthdays together

We are thinking we may want another one soon. We are thinking a female who has really light fur like his mama.
He is such an awesome cat. He goes everywhere with us including camping.

Everyone asks us where we got him because he is so pretty and has such a calm great personality.
Feel free to send me pictures of the light females you have now:) We really want to get Akuma a playmate.
Same evening update: This little princess will be joining the family and Akuma in February.



I hope that you are doing well! It’s been a short while since we adopted Binx from you and I just wanted to say thank you so much!

Binx is an absolutely gorgeous cat. He is so well tempered and loves to cuddle and play. I can’t thank you enough for how helpful and easy you were during the whole process. I will definitely be recommending you and your cattery to all of my family and friends!

Here are some updated photos:



A few photos. Blueberry is a happy fun kitten who likes to snuggle at night. Her favorite place is the highest spot on the cat tree set up as a bed. She and her big brother sleep together every day. They love race and chase as well as rough housing where Monte is very gentle with her. She is the playmate that Monte needed. Shes been tiring him out.