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Three cats in the same house.
Cloud, Jemma and Valentino, two solid white cats and with blue eyes and one blue point

Whitaker and Lizzie


Sun, Aug 26, 10:10 PM
to me

Hi! We adopted two kittens from you in spring 2017 – they were born December 2016. They were called Leon and Leslie. We’ve renamed them Whitaker and Lizzie. Just wanted to let you know they are happy and healthy and a wonderful part of our family!

I’ll attach a few pictures! Whitaker is the white one and Lizzie the tabby.
Thanks, we love them!

Star, Female


We love out kitty so much, we can’t imagine what our house was like without her.
We have a lot of views on your show, I think people see how sweet your babies are plus they meet you too. I am so glad I taped that!


Angela, You do a great thing


Angela, You do a great thing with the people and the cats. This is my first time owning a cat and I could have never imagine myself falling in love with cats. But the cats you breed love people so much that they just adapted quickly to their new environment. Your service is great and the relationship you have with the people and the cats are wonderful.

Orchid’s kitten Sasha


Sasha turned one year old a few days ago. She’s thriving, every day we play with her and cuddle with her. Some weekends she goes for leashed
walks in the back yard, and last winter she got to go play in the snow a couple times. She’s so full of fun and life, we’re glad to have her as
part of our family. Here’s a picture from this afternoon.
She was from Fortune and Oskar’s litter last June. Her tail has these amazing long guard hairs that extend way beyond the rest of the tail and droop like the branches of a willow tree when she trots around with her tail straight up.

A beautiful cat, and she’s having a very happy life with us.



Hello Angela,
About a year ago my family and I purchased a beautiful kitten from you and I just wanted to let you know that she is doing amazing! Nova, formerly Paula, has settled into our family beautifully and is the healthiest, happiest little girl that I’ve ever met. She loves people and is always running to the door to greet newcomers. She talks to us all the time and never forgets to let us know when she wants love. I’ve attached a few pictures to show you how amazing she’s doing!
We just wanted to say thank you for our amazing little girl!!

Toni, Bruce and Sarah Neely

Living Allergy free


My husband normally gets hives and asthma around cats. He is totally fine with our 2 Siberians we got from Angel of Siberia Cattery.They even sleep on his face. I am so thankful that we do not have any issues with my boys. So, I do not have to choose between the cats and my husband.I am in love with these fur babies.

Birthday present



I just want to tell you how incredibly grateful I am that we found you and your kittens. She has been a dream come true for our whole family since we brought her home. My daughter was so ecstatic and is just so in love. Well all of us are so in love with her actually.

She has the sweetest temperament and is so cuddly. I can’t believe how gentle she is as well. Again thank you so much for our kitten! By the way every family member that came over yesterday to celebrate us getting a new kitten said that she is just the most beautiful cat they have ever seen! I attached the video of the surprise for you!

PS- No one has had ANY allergies to her either! 👍🏼