Life after the Cattery


Enjoy some pictures and comments from life after the Cattery !

We love to hear your stories about life with your angel from Siberia 🙂 If you wish to share, send us a email titled After the Cattery and we will be sure to post it.



Wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know that Olaf has settled in really well with the family. He’s such a sweet, even tempered boy and you can tell you did a lot of work with making sure he was well socialized. Attached are a couple of pics of him with the kids. We couldn’t be happier with him

Yuki Hime


We named her Yuki Hime (snow princess in Japanese). She has become a wonderful addition to our family and is starting to get fat at 6 months! We need to limit her food soon!



Krista Attachments
10:58 PM (8 minutes ago)
to me

I don’t think she could be any more comfortable. I am amazed at how social she is with everyone in our family, cat and dog included. She’s feisty and the perfect amount of submissive to Nacho. She’s running around our house like she has been here for months, not 48 hours.

I can’t thank you enough!!! She is an amazing addition and it’s because she came from an amazing home.



Our sweet kitten did very well on the way to Vancouver. She is such a sweet kitten and I think she already feels like our family member. We love her so much already. Yesterday we decided to name her Misty Angel. Thank you for our sweet kitten!