Princess Jasmine


Hi Angela, our little Princess Jasmine is 1 year old today and 12 pounds😻🐈🤗She is amazing loving Young Lady…of course her favorite position to sit is laying back😁🤣😻She is always exploring and finding ways to entertain herself and her brother😁🤗It was hard to take photos wearing her B-hat🤣We love her personality❤
I just wanted to thank you again fora wonderful kittens and job you are doing .
Sincerely,Tatiana and Scott.



Hi Angela!

We adopted Yoshi from you about a year ago. He’s a happy, well behaved, and loving cat. He is so fluffy but doesn’t make me experience allergy symptoms! It’s a miracle!

He sprawls out and falls asleep in the funniest positions and loves to look at the window when we travel. (He has a travel carrier but he actually just loves to sit by the window on long trips .) I thought it would be cute if we taught him to ride the robovac but unfortunately now i’m training him to leave it alone so it can vacuum. Whoops!

Thank you for letting us adopt him!

Boris with his friend


We absolutely adore our kitten. Here’s some pics of our adorable duo. Boris is doing amazing. We all love him. Especially his buddy, Hank the King Charles Spaniel. Sending fun pictures of them playing together this morning.

Luna from home


These are the photos of Luna. Thank you very much for her.
This is the adorable and loving cat. She is a great companion.

Sid and Cat wrestling


This is seriously an awesome cat. People want to take her home. We live in the pretty isolated neighborhood and the cat never is let loose. She goes in the gates and sealed off back yard to play but the one or two times she got out. She almost immedialtely went to the front door nad meowed endlessly. She has demonstrated complete attachment to our family and the two other dogs. Tah said I am vigilant anyway. She is quite large. I wonder how much larger she will get.



Hi Angela, I hope you and your beautiful cats have been doing well.

It’s been three months since Leo (Tracer) joined our home and he is truly so delightful. Our older cat loves him and they are such sweet brothers now. It makes me so happy to come home to these two, and it’s so lovely to watch Leo grow his sweet and playful personality. He loves to play (and eat) but also when you pet him he immediately becomes a purring love bug. I don’t know a single person who has met him who doesn’t fall in love immediately! Thank you very much again, I couldn’t be happier with this kitten that you helped raise wonderfully.

Little Maddy


Thank you so much, Angela, for little Maddy. She is doing very well; eating, drinking, pooping, and зууштпю She is such a love ball!
So, letting you know that Maddy’s doing very well and I am so happy to have her here.



I hope you enjoyed your Sunday! Yesterday was such an exciting day. Tracer(who we renamed to Leo) is getting lots of love and our older cat is absolutely in love with him! He is still getting used to the new environment but I think he will find this place home in no time. Just wanted to send a quick update, but I will send better photos later.

3 cats in the same family


We just wanted to give you updates on Princess Jasmine..she is doing great! she is active and happy..first night was rough as she was crying and it is understandable after being separated from her family.Today was much better..we love her.She is a cuddly and such a sweetheart 😍🤗 Thank you for raising wonderful loving and social kittens. she is gorgeous and her colors are so unique..between beige silvery to orange and brown..eyes have a lot of gold color..she is keeping her brother busy😁😻
We know is a hard work to raise and take care of kittens. I think you are doing an awesome job!
We will keep you posted from time to time🤗
Here are updates on Jasmine..She is 6 months now and weights 8.9 lbs as of today. She loves to play with water fountain…just splashing all over herself.
All kittens are doing great.



Boris is doing great. Puppy wants to cuddle so bad but we are letting Boris slowly warm up on his own until he is comfortable. He is doing so good and so sweet.Sending pictures of adorable pair.
Sweet kitty fell asleep on my daughter’s bed last night, then came in to our room to find me and cuddle up for the night! Ahhh, so perfect, you have raised amazing kittens!!!