Hi Angela , i just wanna thank you and tell you that he has been a great addition to our family and we are both thrilled, he is such a gentleman and the bond with our girl was almost instant. The play and sleep together, eat together and he even got our girl interested in using the scratching post. He is a great kitty and we feel our girl is behaving much better and not trying to hog all of our time, she is definetely much happier, and I can not stress enough how gentle and sweet the boy is!

I made them an instagram account named @just2siberians if you want to follow and see photos of them

Thanks again Angela we love him

Hello from Canada


Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how happy we are with our big boy!! He is still so gentle with the kids and their friends… always follows my daughter around and will sit beside her while she draws … he loves cuddling with my son while they watch tv together … ever since we brought the Christmas tree home he has claimed it for his new home and spends all his sleeping time under the tree!
Thanks again for our wonderful cat



This is John we bought Maestro from you back in March a son of Lady Sasha and Oskar. His name is now Koshka, my kids googled “cat” in Russian and the translator gave us that, they liked it. However i now realize that is the “female” version of the word… ah well he already answers to it.

He is doing spectacular. Getting bigger, has an awesome easy going attitude, loves to play tag and hide-n-go seek. He has is mother’s silky coat yet, his face is very much his father’s.. he is gorgeous. He has been such a great addition to our family, that we would like another one.

I have heard when pairing cats it is better to have a male and female as opposed to having same gender. Looking on your website at available kittens, My wife really likes the look of Aphrodite the blue solid. What are the chances of her having a female kitten to match? If that would be too rare, i would lean towards the solid white female from Rolex and Jasper, if she is still available.

For either, the pick up date for us would be late November early December, correct?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Beautiful Young Lady


Hi Angela,

We couldn’t be happier with our cat. She’s becoming a beautiful young lady. She seems pretty happy too. Spoiled for sure.
Thanks again, picture attached. This is one of her favorite perching spots where she can keep tabs on us and where she pauses when we are running around the house.
Eric & Larry

Two kittens from our cattery


Hi Angela!

Just wanted to give you an update on our two cuties!

Mila loves her little brother Thor. They play and snuggle together all day long. They are just inseparable. Thor is the cutest little boy, he loves to sleep on his back and viagra buy online get belly rubs. Mila is the sweetest girl and is always there to greet us at the door. They are always by our side and we love them so much. Thank you again!

Tyler and Kelcie



Angela!! Finally!! here is your episode. Please, share it and if you want to post it on your website, go right ahead!! Here are new pics of Star – we LOVE her!!!

Star has brought our entire family so much joy already, especially Quentin. He loves her so much and makes him smile and laugh so thank you for raising such a special sweet little kitten. All my friends think she is stunning and super cute.