This is Mia, and she is my pride and joy! I never knew how in love I could be with an animal. She is a little cuddle bug and follows me everywhere I go, its adorable. Shes quite talkative and has the sassiest personality, i cannot handle how perfect she is. Thank you, without you I wouldnt have my gorgeous Mia

Now 2 y olds. Will be joined by one more male soon.


I have in the past gotten two adorable kittens from you :). We want our family to grow.
Given that, I’m inquiring about getting a new kitten from Fortune and Oskar’s litter (though I would take one from any litter if it was earlier, looks like you’re booked up until then).

My preference is male, but no color preferences. If that sounds OK to you, I’m happy to make a deposit, just let me know, and thank you in advance!

Cali, born 4.16.19


Angela, thank you for raising such an amazing cuddly, friendly kitty! We loce her so much already! Here are a few pictures of Cali from hre forst few days.

Chinghiz Pasha and E-Hobson in new home


pasha-and-e-hobson chinghiz-pasha 20161107_193314

These are the two kittens from C litter and E litter. If we get the third kitten how much would it be? Hoping for a boy similar to Pasha with the same parents. There is something magical about these cats. They make me so happy!
UPDATE: the third kitten from Angel of Siberia, Fozzy, joined the family in October 2016