Hi Angela!

We adopted Yoshi from you about a year ago. He’s a happy, well behaved, and loving cat. He is so fluffy but doesn’t make me experience allergy symptoms! It’s a miracle!

He sprawls out and falls asleep in the funniest positions and loves to look at the window when we travel. (He has a travel carrier but he actually just loves to sit by the window on long trips .) I thought it would be cute if we taught him to ride the robovac but unfortunately now i’m training him to leave it alone so it can vacuum. Whoops!

Thank you for letting us adopt him!

Boris with his friend


We absolutely adore our kitten. Here’s some pics of our adorable duo. Boris is doing amazing. We all love him. Especially his buddy, Hank the King Charles Spaniel. Sending fun pictures of them playing together this morning.

Luna from home


These are the photos of Luna. Thank you very much for her.
This is the adorable and loving cat. She is a great companion.

Chinghiz Pasha and E-Hobson in new home


pasha-and-e-hobson chinghiz-pasha 20161107_193314

These are the two kittens from C litter and E litter. If we get the third kitten how much would it be? Hoping for a boy similar to Pasha with the same parents. There is something magical about these cats. They make me so happy!
UPDATE: the third kitten from Angel of Siberia, Fozzy, joined the family in October 2016