Neva Masquerade Siberian Queens

Neva Masquerade Siberian Queens

Orchid Omili Stars

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Color: Silver Blue Lynx Point

FeLV negative, FIV negative (done on 11.28.16)

Description: one more female is joining our cattery, very light colored, great silver, bright blue eyes. She arrived from Omili Stars Cattery, located near Moscow, Russian Federation, famous for breeding Color Pointed and Traditional Forest kittens. Orchid loves to purr and head bud for attention. She is very talkative and playful and has dog like personality. She is very faithful and makes a great pet. She is very beautiful and smart and befriended our Maltese dogs from day one.

Both parents are Silver Blue Lynx Point, bright blue eyes. 33 champions in pedigree/blood line. She is registered with WCF and TICA.

All documents and test results are available upon request.

Wanda Vizantiyskiy Podarok is mother of Fortune (left pic). Fortune Omili Star’s dad Stiven Omili Stars is the right pic.

Angel of Siberia Ashanti

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Color: Blue Lynx Point

Description: Ashanti is the first female, born at our cattery. She is very mellow and cuddly. Ashanti has great blue eyes. She had her first litter and proved to be a great mother. She loves to sleep on my lap and she loves to explore around the house. She has 33 champions in her blood line.

All documents are available upon request.

Kasey Siberian Hunter is mother of Ashanti (left pic). Bogatyr is the father (right pic)

Angel of Siberia Rolex

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FeLV negative, FIV negative (done 02.07.17)

Description: Seal Point female, shipped to us from Europe. She is a sweetheart. Cuddly and soft. She is a beautiful queen. She is a very mellow, friendly purring machine. She follows us with her eyes, making sure we provide good care and clean well. Then she yawns and falls asleep. Rolex has 26 champions in 3 generation pedigree. She has many cats from the Danvel’s blood line.
All documents and test results are available upon request.
Rolex’s mom is International Champion Zarina Danvel, dad World Champion Jurai Danvel

Sif Angel Neva of Angel of Siberia

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Color: Seal Golden Shaded Point

FeLV negative, FIV negative (done 08.04.16).
Both of her parents are tested for PKD and HCM and negative.
Description: Sif earned her first Champion Title with TICA on December 12, 2015. She was imported from Russia and has 26 Champions in her 4 generation pedigree. She has a beautiful muzzle, great fur with golden/apricot shade, wide paws, great skeleton, and a bushy tail. Sif is a very gentle, playful cat. She is a golden gene carrier. She loves to play with a teaser and loves to cuddle. Sitting on my lap and purring is her favorite job. She was granted an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for being the Best Seal Golden Shaded Point Siberian of the Year 2015. Sif (Sheyla) is a great mom too. She gently tends to her kittens.

Certificate for Award of Excellence (New)

Sif has proof of Show Championship, pedigree information, and TICA and WCF registration. All documents and test results are available upon request.

Sif’s mother is Grand International Champion Yaroslava Lion’s Heart (left pic). Sif’s father is Honey Boy Zhemchug Nevy and he is a International Champion TICA (right pic).

Sif’s mother Yaroslava

Honey Boy is a TICA International Champion

SunPrim Issa (Jacky)

Color: Seal Tortie Point With White

FeLV negative, FIV negative (done 02.14.19).

Description: Our tortie girl was shipped from Europe and joined our cattery this Winter. She is my Valentine’s present. she arrived on 2.14.19.
She has very sweet personality, she is still getting to know other cats. She likes to examine people before approaching them. She loves to be around people, curious and easy going. Issa has 24 champions in her pedigree and we cannot wait to see how her first litter will turn out. She was bred with Jeweler, our golden shaded male. Kittens are due at the end of September. Issa (Jacky) has WON A Title Kitten Champion CACP with WCF in 2018.

Issa (Jacky) has TICA and WCF registration and Pedigree information. All documents are available upon request.

Issa’s mother is Prima Blue Lynx of Donbass and father Buyan Sun Prim.

Issas Dad

Issas Mom